Hot Flashes…. Or Not!

I chose NOT, without a doubt. Before it was even time for me to worry about that part of aging, I read one of Susanne Sommers books on aging. She talked about bio-identical hormones. I remember thinking that it was probably something that could only be found in the states. I already began to stew about it, because from the information I read in the book, I KNEW I wanted them when the time came. I knew that hot flashes did not sound like anything I ever wanted to experience AND I couldn’t imagine have to suffer the reminder of the fact that I was getting old on a sometimes, multiple times, daily basis. Other than the birth control pill and a couple prescriptions for antibiotics in my life, I haven’t taken any prescription drugs. I feel blessed for this in this day and age and I intend to keep it that way, particularly when you hear that the hormonal drugs the dr.’s are pushing for menopause are derived from horse urine :/

Fortunately, as I was approaching this time of life, I was enrolled in a Holistic Nutritionist course. The instructor told me that there are compounding pharmacies, where they prepare the bioidentical hormones right here in my city, YAY! I made an appointment with a very nice lady, filled out my information and began.

I suppose I was possibly more concerned than most about the dreaded hot flashes because my mother had them for 20+ years. No way was that going to be me. My sister is 5 years younger than I am and she started having them at around age 42-43. We went on a trip together and I was mortified watching them happening to her. Some people are more about believing everything the doctors tell you than others. I would obviously be one of the others. Not all doctors will even approve a prescription for bioidentical hormones. As a matter of fact, most won’t. If mine would not of, there isn’t any question that I would be finding another doctor. here’s what Wikipedia has to say.

I have been taking them for almost four years. I haven’t had a period in over a year, I think that is how they determine that a women are in menopause and not peri-menopausal anymore. I have had the occasional rush of heat but nothing like I see happening to other women. It happened when I was under a great deal of stress. I called my nice little lady, told her, she had me increase my evening dose slightly for a short time and that fixed it right up. I’ve not had any adverse reactions. No side effects other than I don’t get hot flashes. I recommend this therapy very highly!


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