Don’t Take My Drivers Licence Away!

Aging and driving. I can not imagine not being able to drive. The loss of independence would simply kill me. Just shoot me instead. For this reason, I have already done my research and will soon take a lesson with and then I get to drive a mustang for the first time in my life as well 🙂

My grandfather was stressed out for a few years leading up to his 65 birthday because he thought that he would be tested and they could take his licence. My Grandmother never ever had a drivers licence so the total responsibility was his. He never did end up losing it before he passed but as I said he was stressed right out for years over it. I think by brushing up on my skills now and continuing to check in with a school as I get older I oughta be just fine. The other aspect is the physical one

The other aspect is the physical one. I see older people who can’t really even turn their heads let alone dream of doing a shoulder check. There’s a very good motivator to be doing some daily for of exercise to combat that. I suppose stretching is the best thing to get into the habit of.

Then there is, of course, the eyes, as I’ve previously mentioned. My father still has his licence but he really has a hard time seeing at night in particular. I don’t live in the same city as him. I only see him a couple time a year. It’s very shocking actually watching the difference in his driving ability each time I see him 🙁

I read in the newspapers the stories of the seniors getting the gas and brake mixed up and driving into buildings. I just can’t face the thought of this happening to me. Therefore, I will be giving it my very best effort to keep myself fit and by taking lessons I will have a second opinion as to how I am driving and be fully prepared if I do ever have to take a test.


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